New Cadillac ATS 2022 Interior, Changes, Release Date

New Cadillac ATS 2022 Interior, Changes, Release Date – You can choose from a 6-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed auto transmission model with the 2.0L motor. Only the 3.6L engine can be driven in the second transmission option. The Cadillac ATS 2022 starting price is $36,490. This puts it in close competition with the BMW 330i Sedan and C300 Sedan and the Audi A4 2.0 TFSI Premium.

Cadillac ATS 2022 Redesign

Exterior Design

The Cadillac ATS 2022 is not as well-known as its siblings. Its exterior can be described as “average” because it is so simple to look at. Contrary to other Cadillac’s bold exteriors, the ATS Sedan has a more flat and light exterior. There are some minor imperfections on the exterior.

The ATS Sedan’s Length, Width, and Height are 182.8, 71.1, and 55.9 inches, respectively. It is the smallest sedan in its class. It is also the lightest sedan at 3,373 lbs. curb weight. The Audi A4, 2.0 TFSI Premium, is the most curb-weighted at 3,582 lbs.

2022 Cadillac ATS Exterior
2022 Cadillac ATS Exterior

Cadillac’s ground clearance is 5.4 inches. It is 0.1% and 0.3 inches lower than the Audi A4 Premium and 330i Sedan, respectively. Cadillac ATS Sedan has the most diminutive wheelbase in the league, at 109.3 inches. The Mercedes-Benz C300 Sedan has the most extended wheelbase at 111.8 inches.

The 2022 Cadillac ATS Sedan has a few safety features, but they are all sturdy and reliable. The vehicle comes standard with 8 airbags to ensure safety in any unfavorable situations. In addition to the Cadillac Edition First Aid Kit, rear child security doors locks can be purchased. This American sedan also includes many other safety features, such as-.

Interior Design

Cadillac ATS 2022 can accommodate 5 people at maximum, just like its competitors. The sedan has 38.6, 55.2, and 42.5 inches of front headroom, shoulder, and legroom. The league’s maximum legroom is the BMW 330i Sedan. BMW 330i Sedan has the most front headroom at 40.3 inches.

For changing settings, you need to pay attention to some instances. The standard features include an 8.0-inch touchscreen, streaming Bluetooth, and a rearview cam, no matter what trim you choose. You also have the option of a heads-up display or adjustable dampers.

ATS Sedans’ second-row headroom, shoulder space, and legroom are 36.8, 53.9, 33.5 inches, and 33.5 inches. These three attributes are the lowest of all the competitors. The BMW 330i Sedan has the best rear headroom, while the Audi A4 boasts the most excellent rear legroom.

2022 Cadillac ATS Interior
2022 Cadillac ATS Interior

CUE is the infotainment system that comes with the 2022 ATS. The standard features include:

  • Multiple USB ports.
  • Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Apple CarPlay integration.
  • A premium Bose audio system.
  • Numerous USB ports.

Cadillac’s cargo capacity is not impressive. The Cadillac’s cargo volume is only 10.4 cubic feet, which is the lowest of all the cars in its class. The BMW 330i Sedan, Audi A4 Premium, and Audi A4 Premium offer the most significant cargo volume at 13 cubic feet. The Mercedes-Benz C300 Sedan has slightly less cargo volume at 12.6 cubic feet.

Cadillac ATS 2022 Engine

Cadillac ATS 2022’s latest version comes with a 2.0L Turbo I4 turbo engine. It can produce 272 hp and 295 lb. ft. of torque. These are the best among all the competitors. The lowest power is 241 hp for the Mercedes-Benz C300 Sedan. The BMW 330i Sedan has the most down torque at 258 lb. ft.

2022 Cadillac ATS Engine
2022 Cadillac ATS Engine

The ATS Sedan has been a popular sporty and fun-to-drive sedan over the years. The ATS Sedan is a great car with excellent powertrains and a superbly smooth steering experience. The 8-speed automatic transmission and the 6-speed manual transmission are both silky smooth. If handling is a concern, the 6-speed manual transmission is better. However, the 8-speed auto can still make quick and fast shifts.

Cadillac ATS 2022 Release Date And Price

The Cadillac ATS 2022 comes in 4 trim levels. There are four trims available for the Cadillac ATS 2022: Luxury, Premium Luxury, Performance, and the base ATS Sedan. Prices start at $36,490 and go up to $48,890. Base and Luxury trims have a 2.0L 4-valve engine. In addition, there are options for both a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed auto transmission.